Mongolian Statistical Yearbook 2012


The National Statistical Office of Mongolia (NSO) has been producing a Statistical Yearbook, showing social and economic key indicators of Mongolia, along with their respective time series, since 1960. Due to the socio-economic development of the country, we are making every effort to calculate emerging statistical indicators, to ensure that our statistical indicators and methodologies conform to internationally common standards, and to expand the framework of indicators of the Yearbook on an annual basis.

To make the Statistical Yearbook readable and available to users, each section of the yearbook has an introduction to the methods employed for calculating key indicators concerned and technical terms used. Additional notes and footnotes accompany each table in the section concerned.

The present Statistical Yearbook is complemented by the estimates of quarterly GDP by expenditure and the results of the 2011 Agriculture Census. In addition, some indicators for education and health are included in the yearbook.

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