Statistical Yearbook of Denmark 2008


The Statistical Yearbook 2008 is a book about Denmark and the Danish people. The figures show the development of Danish society, and how the conditions of life in Denmark change as society develops.

The development is, among other things, reflected in the structure of the tables. For instance, the reform of the municipal government structure causes part of the tables to reflect the changes in size, number and names of municipalities. Also, the yearbook points out new trends in Danish society. This has been the case every year since the first edition of the Statistical Yearbook, dating back to 1896.

The Statistical Yearbook is the most comprehensive of the publications published by Statistics Denmark, and it reflects the majority of the statistics compiled by Statistics Denmark. In addition to statistics compiled by Statistics Denmark, the yearbook also includes data compiled by other Danish institutions or authorities. Approximately 160 of the specialists working at Statistics Denmark contribute to the yearbook.

Every time a new yearbook is published, some of the figures from previous years
are revised on the basis of new information. In this way, figures from the same
tables in different yearbooks referring to the same year can differ slightly from
each other. Usually, only minor revisions are made.

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