Statistical Yearbook of Denmark 2006


The Statistical Yearbook is a book about Denmark and the Danes. The figures show how Danish society develops and how the Danes’ conditions of life change accordingly.
The Statistical Yearbook is also a historic work. The very first yearbook was published in 1896, and since then a new yearbook has been published every year, regardless of world wars and other major events. Consequently, we are proud to launch a yearbook once again for the 110th time. The yearbook is a tradition and a milestone in the course of the year.
The Statistical Yearbook is the most comprehensive publication from Statistics Denmark. It reflects the major part of the statistics generated by this statistical bureau and, at the same time, includes statistics from other authorities and institutions. A total of about 160 professional specialists from Statistics Denmark contribute to the yearbook.
If there are any subsequent errors in the book, corrections to the page in question will be available on our web site at: Here, the entire Danish version of the yearbook is also available.

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