U.S. Timber Production, Trade, Consumption and Price Statistics 1965–2011

United States Department of Agriculture. 2013

This report presents annual data but is published every 2 years. The data present current and historical information on the production, trade, consumption, and prices of timber products in the United States. The report focuses on national statistics, but includes some data for individual states and regions and for Canada. The data were collected from industry trade associations and government agencies. They are intended for use by forest land managers, forest industries, trade associations, forestry schools, renewable resource organizations, individuals in the major timber producing and consuming countries of the world, and the general public. A major use of the data is tracking industry production and consumption trends over time. One of the major shifts that occurred in the wood-using industry over the past 5 years is that both production and consumption of roundwood per capita decreased. The consumption of products per capita has also undergone a gradual decrease over the past 5 years.