Agricultural statistics of the USA 1942

United States Government printing office, 1942

This volume brings together the more important series of statistics prepared by the Department of Agriculture or compiled by the staff for official use. For many series, presented in brief summary, more extensive data are available. This is particularly the case with monthly series of prices and movements and with the tables on production of commodities by States. Current statistics, comparable with those here presented, can be obtained from periodicals and mimeographed reports published by the Department.

The Committee has necessarily attempted to reconcile the convenience of users who need extensive detail on a commodity with the general principle of effective service to the largest number of users within the practical limits of a single handbook. This book has not been considered a medium of original publication; hence, very few tables represent work in progress less than 5 years and, in those cases, only the special form used in the compilation will be found previously ·unpublished. Unless otherwise advised, users may take the figures in this book for the years covered and go back of them in time to previous volumes. When the word "Year book" alone appears in this volume, it refers to the Yearbook of Agriculture, published by this Department.

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