Agricultural statistics of the USA 1947

United States Government printing office, 1948

Agricultural Statistics brings together each year the mare important series of statistics compiled in the Department of Agriculture or in other departments whose work concerns agriculture. Although far more information is available than can be included in a single volume, the tables selected give a wide variety of-facts in forms suited to most coRIIIOil uses. Inquiries concerning more detailed data or the statistical methodology used should be addressed directly to the agencies to whom tables in this volume are credited. These agencies can also answer questions about past and prospective revisions in published data.

Historical series have again been generally limited to data beginning with 1929 or 19~0, or to the most recent 10 years. Agricultural Statistics for 1942 is still the most complete reference for earlier data. In building up series f'rom earlier volumes, however, it should be remembered that statistics most recently published supersede those published previously;

The Table of Contents indicates the general lay-out of the book, and page headings indicate the sub-divisions within each chapter. Short introductions at the beginning of each chapter are mostly new this year. These introductions explain the main.-effects of the 1945 Census on previously-published statistics, and describe some of' the new material included this year.

When the word •Yearbook• appears alone, it refers to the Yearbook of Agriculture, published annually by the Department of Agriculture. Through 1935, approximately one-half' of each Yearbook carried the kind of material which is now published separately in Agricultural Statistics.

Cotton, sugar, and tobacco.
Oilseeds, fats and oils.
Frults, vegetables, melons, tree nuts, and beverage crops.
Hay, seeds, and minor field crops.
Cattle, hogs, and sheep.
Dairy and poultry products.
Foreign trade of the United States
Farm resources, income, and expenses.
Agricultural conservation and forestry statistics.
Miscellaneous agricultural statistics.

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