Agricultural statistics of the USA 1959

United States Government printing office, 1960

Agricultural Statistics brings together each year the more important series of statistics concerning Agriculture and closely related subjects. For the most part, the data included herein were prepared in the U. S. Department of Agriculture, or compiled by the staff for official use. A few of the tables were prepared in other Government agencies. A particular effort
has been made to meet the diverse interests and needs of the general public for a reliable reference book on agricultural production, supplies, consumption, facilities, costs, and returns. The tables presented cover a wide variety of facts in forms suited to most common use. Persons needing daily, weekly, and monthly information are served by the current reports of the agencies which prepare the summary statistics appearing in this book and to which the tables are credited. Research workers and others will usually wish to obtain direct from the agencies the latest facts bearing on particular problems associated with data contained in the tables included here. Inquiries concerning more current or more detailed data, the statistical methodology used, past and prospective revisions, etc., should be addressed directly to the agency responsible, shown at the bottom of each table.

The historical series in this volume have been generally limited to data beginning with 1944 or 1945 or to the most recent 10 years. Agricultural Statistics, 1957 was expanded to carry a longer series of years for most of the tables and should be used as a reference by those who have need for data for the earlier years. Many of the tables in this issue carry a reference in the source note to the table in Agricultural Statistics, 1957 where comparable data for earlier years can be found.

The table of contents indicates the general layout of the book, and page headings show the subdivisions within each chapter. The coverage and organization is much the same as in the 1958 issue.

Data for the 49th and 50th States have been shown much as in the past. Only limited official information is available on Alaskan agricultural production. Production data for Hawaii is generally given in separate tables in the Commodity Chapters, or in Chapter XI. Data for Alaska and Hawaii are not included in the tables for the United States, unless it is so indicated in the title. Many of the tables, by States, in Chapters VIII, IX and X do show data for Alaska and Hawaii along with that for the other 48 States, but generally these States are not included in the United States totals. It is expected that, beginning with January 1, 1960, agricultural data for these two new States, where available, will be included in U. S. totals in the appropriate tables.

Cotton, sugar, and tobacco.
Oilseeds, fats and oils.
Frults, vegetables, melons, tree nuts, and beverage crops.
Hay, seeds, and minor field crops.
Cattle, hogs, and sheep.
Dairy and poultry products.
Farm resources, income, and expenses.
Agricultural conservation and forestry statistics.
Consumption and family living.
Miscellaneous agricultural statistics.

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