Agricultural statistics of the USA 2010

United States Government printing office, 2010

Washington: United States Department Of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service. United States Government printing office, 2011. — 505 p.

Agricultural Statistics is published each year to meet the diverse need for a reliable reference book on agricultural production, supplies, consumption, facilities, costs, and returns. Its tables of annual data cover a wide variety of facts in forms suited to most common use.
nquiries concerning more current or more detailed data, past and prospective revisions, or the statistical methodology used should be addressed directly to the agency credited with preparing the table. Most of the data were prepared or compiled in the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Grain and feed:
Cotton, tobacco, sugar crops, and honey:
Oilseeds, fats, and oils:
Vegetables and melons:
Fruits, tree nuts, and horticultural specialties
Hay, seeds, and minor field crops:
Cattle, hogs, and sheep:
Dairy and poultry statistics:
Farm resources, income, and expenses:
Taxes, insurance, credit, and cooperatives
Stabilization and price-support programs:
Agricultural conservation and forestry statistics
Consumption and family living
Fertilizers and pesticides:
Miscellaneous agricultural statistics:

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